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Why I run

Fitness, Fitness related, For the soul - Anupriya kapur - June 5, 2014

post1_2Completing any run whether a short or long distance, is an achievement which is mine alone; no one else can claim it! I am my only competition! The feeling of fulfillment is just something else – something one understands only when one experiences it. But despite that, it has never been about how good or bad a runner I am. Running is about so, so much more. If asked, I don’t even know what I’m trying to achieve by running; it’s as if I’m compensating for lack of something. Compensating for things that could not be. And compensating for things I know will never be.

There are days when the weather is perfect and I’m feeling strong, those are the days I don’t want to stop. It’s no longer about pushing myself, it’s about the pure joy of being in that state and not wanting to come out of it. The state where the body is in a mechanical motion and the mind is free to roam anywhere. It’s here that I fill in the gaps in conversations. The conversations that I can’t have with others. The conversations that I’m unable to have even with myself while I’m busy with my daily chores. It’s a place where I can be myself without pretensions, and not playing any part.

With every run I feel my body getting stronger, the endurance increasing. I never knew that feeling strong felt so good. Training for any run requires discipline, regularity and determination; and I always pleasantly surprise myself by being able to set a routine and follow it. As I do this, I notice my son taking pride in it and I hope my example leads him to be physically active and fit through his life as well.

There have been and there could be more niggling injuries that may keep me away from my running shoes time and again. But that’s alright, with so many benefits for both the mind and body – this is one recreation that I will never give up. Run I will!


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