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The Great Gurgaon off-roading experience!

For the soul - Anupriya kapur - August 24, 2015

The future Smart City, Gurgaon has definitely made me smarter during monsoons. You will probably feel all this too in case you spend any time driving on these roads (if there are any left).


1) Now I know the complete lyrics of “DJ waale babu mera gaana chala de”.


 2) It’s put my meditation to test as I have to take a deep breath and count till 10 every time I hear “Apne apna Income Tax file kiya?”.

3) That it’s a waste of time to apply make up and file your nails at home when I can do it on the drive.

4) I have developed a keen sixth sense to figure out which pot holes are more shallow than others.

5) That’s it an excellent idea to build one of the biggest hospitals bang opposite the busiest metro station and put a broken stop light, the 10,000 auto & rickshaw wallas, pedestrians and cars can of course figure shit out on their own.


6) That I have to keep 60 minutes extra for a 15 minute drive.

7) I keep my fuel tank at least half full as you never know when it can take 2 hours to cover a 3 km stretch.

8) That I crossed more levels on candy crush while waiting for the traffic to move. (don’t worry I haven’t sent you any CC requests on FB).

9) I have started getting my car serviced every few months now.
10) That I can actually write my blog article like this one while driving! I’m serious.


Today’s situation!


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Whose opinion is it anyway

For the soul, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - August 20, 2015

I grew up in a household where my two elder brothers would rub my tummy, carry me around and pamper me during the first two days of periods. It takes time for a young girl to get used to the idea that pain and discomfort accompanied with periods is here to stay.

May be that’s why I had decided that this whole Kiran Gandhi running London-Marathon-on-her-first-day-of-her-periods-without-wearing-a-tampon/pad wasn’t worth writing about. It was like ok she did it to feel liberated. raise awareness or whatever her reasons might have been. I personally might or might not agree with what she did. As a runner, I know I would chafe badly if I was dripping and running constantly for 5 hours in that state.

Then I read the satirical article “The actual winner has a message for the menstruating woman Kiran Gandhi”, by a humorist. The article comes across as deliberately cynical and I felt rightly so. Excerpt from the article

“Gandhi stained her pants in public. I ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 23 minutes. That’s faster than most people could go on a bike. I called People Magazine asking for a feature, I even catered to them saying I’d talk about my fitness routine. But they just said, “Are you the tampon girl?” and I said, “No I’m the winner.” But they had already hung up on me.” 

That’s when it struck me, we have been giving too much importance to the act itself rather than the issue. By saying “it’s her choice”, most of us are using it as an opportunity to become “bigger” and prove it to the world that we are “feminist”. It’s a cool thing to say in today’s world, isn’t it?

To begin with, when the content went viral, we all started talking about whether what she did was “right” or “wrong” and found a ground to judge others basis whether they found it disgusting or not.

And then later when we read the satirical piece (without even realising it’s a satirical piece), we took the debate to a different direction.

Honestly speaking, do we really care about the real issue? Or are we just jumping to conclusions based on whatever “trend worthy” content is being thrown at us without even going deep in to the matter. Our not having an opinion (that too a quick-on-your-feet kinds) makes us seem like we are not in the know and then we move on to the next big story without even sparing the last one another thought.

Also, are we using “it’s my choice” as an excuse to not think and for sake of our convenience to end debates which can or should be otherwise objective?

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Are you mom enough?

For the soul, Parenting - Anupriya kapur - August 20, 2015

When I got pregnant (really really long back that is) and people got to know that I’m, something around me had changed. My every single step was closely watched by people who genuinely care and people who don’t.

Everyone had an opinion and they made it a point to let me know. It was all about how healthy/pale I looked, how I plan to give birth (natural or c-sec), how prepared I was to nurture the baby, do I plan to breastfeed or not, chose cloth nappies over diapers, plan to cradle the baby to sleep or let it cry itself to sleep, the list was endless. But even after 8 years of giving birth some of those things have stayed with me.

My pregnancy wasn’t very pleasant and I had gestational diabetes in the 3rd trimester. I was stupidly hell bent on giving birth naturally because I wanted to prove a lot of people wrong (that I was too thin so c-sec is the only option! and I fell for it!). I managed alright with epidural to my rescue. I was lauded for having a “normal” delivery. And I wonder why and how “natural” became “normal”. Aren’t we being condescending towards women who have to or choose c-sec over natural birth? And what did I do special by giving birth the way it should be that it became special? “Natural or c-sec?”, why do we women ask each other this very irrelevant question?

Because of post-delivery complications, I had a HB count of 5 and I was on strong medication, I could hardly breastfeed. My son refused to latch on, no matter how hard I tried. I finally gave up (after pumping milk from my breasts after a month) as I wasn’t getting any rest I needed to recuperate. I would have killed myself if I hadn’t stopped trying. But everyone around me (including strangers in a mall) started looking down upon me like I was committing the biggest crime in the world by putting my son on formula. It took me months to get over that guilt.

During the whole process of pregnancy and giving birth, a woman is struggling with so much – getting to know organs that she didn’t know existed, engorged breasts, continued bleeding, a stomach which looks like a burst balloon, stretch marks, smell of curdled milk, sleep deprivation, baby’s farts (which can be quite explosive), it’s all so overwhelming and at least one thing we can do is be tolerant, keep our opinions to ourselves (unless we see someone doing something which a hazardous to the mother and/or baby) and let her experience her own journey the way she wants to. At some point, aren’t we all in the same boat in any case?

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Why Mom Runs?

Marathons, Parenting - Anupriya kapur - August 13, 2015

Now that the “running season” has started and most of us are out on long runs during weekends, it got me wondering how our kids really view us and our running. What exactly is their perspective on this little hobby of ours! So I asked ten runner moms and this is what their little ones had to say. I can’t deny I had fun making this post. Cute and candid responses 🙂

Please click on the artwork to read, it will open up and click on it again to enlarge (this is the best I could do, sorry for the inconvenience!)
Just in case you are not able to click the image, here’s the text –

Vaishali Kasture   Son (7) – Mom runs because it makes her very happy.

Seema Pillai Daughter (11)“Office is boring – so you want to have some fun”. Son (13) — ” Because you want to be fit and happy”.

Priyanka Sehgal Mehta  Son (8) – because she wants to be fit.  Daughter (5) – because she wants to bring medals and certificates home.

Preeti Daughter (11) “My mom suffers from a disease known as mad person disease. She claims she runs to keep the craziness away. Which sort of proves my point about mad person disease. My message to all you kids out there who have moms who run – I feel you”

Sangeeta Son (11) Because she likes to run and so that no clothes are SMALL for her.

Sonia Son (11 ) She is always running against time to manage home and work. Now she runs on roads to help her remain fit, release her tension and encourage others.

Tanya  Daughter (4.5) – She likes to run because she likes to eat well and sleep well and then become strong.

Nipa Daughter (10) – to escape from her kids, but we always catch up. Son (8) To stay healthy and be able to keep up with us.

Sayuri Son (10)  because she not get angry on me. 2) because she likes to wear running clothes. 3) because she like to be fitness.



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Kurtaj Hapi

Parenting - Anupriya kapur - August 10, 2015

Sex Shop Satis

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