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Colors and chaos

Accessories, Fashion, For the soul - Anupriya kapur - October 25, 2016

I used to love wearing sarees and cottons were always my fav but somewhere along the way I stopped making the effort. When I wrote about 100 Day Saree pact (read here), I realised how much I miss wearing them. Also, when we did the shoot for that article at Old Fort in Delhi, I realised how much I’m missing out on what Delhi has to offer. So I couldn’t resist when Arun, who’s passionate about photography and Delhi’s monuments, suggested that we go to Chandni Chowk.


A bit of royalty

We shot at the recently renovated Haveli Dharampura, Nau Ghar, in crowded lanes and in front of all the colorful doors. Haveli Dharampura is beautiful and sanitised, where we were served sanitised version of Paranthe waali gali deep fried paranthas, while rest of Chandni Chowk is dirty, very dirty.


When we couldn’t locate the Haveli, a resident walked with us to show us the way. When he overheard me crib about how dirty the lanes are, he poignantly said, “yahi asli dilli hai”.


Intricate work at so many entrances

We were offered a hearty portion of kheer by a pandit when we stopped to click a pic near a temple. And the shopkeepers of a small zari shop, emptied it for us so that we could get a good clean shot. The place left me disturbed yet very warm despite all the chaos, commotion and utter madness and of course we managed to get some very good shots.



We all have a bit Shahrukh in us

Visit it if you haven’t been there yet and find your own interpretation. The trip will leave you with lots of thoughts.


The beautiful aangan at the Haveli


A beautiful red dhakai cotton saree that I borrowed from a close friend


Arun’s fav pic







The zari shop


with Arun at top of the Haveli, Jama Masjid at the backdrop

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adidas Supernova X sports bra review

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - October 18, 2016

CONTEST Closed – What would you like to say to your sports bra? Leave in comments and win a voucher from adidas. I would like to say “Don’t let me down :)”. The last date for entry is 26th Oct.

Thank you all for the interesting enteries. The winners of this contest are Shilpa and Shalz. 

I can probably write a book on bra and sports bra woes that women face in India. I’m extremely passionate about it and get equally excited when I find something which fits like a dream. I had reviewed (read here) adidas training Olympic sports bra earlier. I still love that one and use it extensively, however, I had mentioned that I long for an encapsulation bra. Looks like someone heard my plea. This beauty is perfect for high-impact sports to control your every move. It has a scoop neckline with a bit of a plunge meaning it won’t be visible over racer backs (even though I don’t mind showing it off as it comes in lovely bright colors). Encapsulated cups ensure that boobs are not squeezed and look feminine and round. It’s a high support bra so that women won’t have to focus on movement when running or even while doing high intensity exercise.

The material is breathable yet it still has an insulating factor making this a good option when weather starts to get chillier. The design is perfect for women who wear larger cup sizes and need more support. And women who are narrower in the rib cage but bigger on the chest will love it too. Even though I have only done mid distances in it, I have done high intensity CrossFit and I can safely say that it’s the best I have ever used. No chafing, comfortable fit, good range of motion and complements the shape of my boobs. It’s priced at 2,799/-, so it might seem a tad bit expensive but then again it’s an investment and a good fitting sports bra is hard to find, so I would honestly suggest you to give it a try.

PS – Head to adidas stores in CP N block or South Ex if you are in Delhi, Indiranagar if in Bengaluru and Linking Road if in Mumbai.







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Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - October 17, 2016

A year back I would have said a straight ‘no’ for trying out an air purifier. However, I changed my mind after the bout of severe cough and congestion last year post Diwali and Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. According to WHO, India has half of the world’s 20 most polluted cities when it comes to PM2.5 particulates in the air and of course Delhi tops the charts.

But the prospect of one more device, one more remote, one more thing to keep clean wasn’t very inspiring but looks like Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 has taken all that in to consideration. Continue Reading

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No more excuses

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - October 13, 2016

A lot of women tell me they don’t have time for exercising, with kids, work, family etc etc taking up a lot of time. I will not disagree with that because its a fact. Modern life, without any support system, can be very busy and harried. Today, I will share some things you can do while not neglecting your daily routine. Call it multi-tasking and why not, we women are good at it, they say. Its all about time management. I don’t know if this will make sense to you but here goes:

1. Stand on one leg while brushing teeth. Take light support of wall or sink, while you’re at it. Switch legs while you are still brushing. Single leg exercises help you build functional strength, for running, walking and keeping good balance. You could try same thing while ironing too.

2. While waiting for tea or milk to boil, do push ups against kitchen counter. You can easily manage 40-50 of these. Great for pecs, aka boobs, heheh. Or…you can lightly put hands on edge of kitchen counter, lift leg sideways to waist level, without bending body. Great for inside of thighs. Or… donkey kicks, great for the butt.

3. While cutting veggies or kneading dough, sit on the floor in Butterfly pose, keeping back neutral. It isnt so difficult, you will get the hang of it.

4. And you don’t have to flop inertly on the couch or bed to watch TV. This is the best time to do some really good workouts while you enjoy your favorite sitcom. I do it all the time. Just position yourself so your eyes are on the screen without craning your neck at odd angles 😛 You could do bridges, squats, lunges, millions of yoga poses, Pilates. Or even free weights for arms and shoulders. Not necessarily on the floor, you could do them on the bed too.

5. Buy an exercise ball and sit on it instead of a chair, for things you need to do sitting. Like helping with kids homework, office work brought home, browsing internet etc. Sitting on a stability ball can improve stability and balance because doing so is said to constantly engage the core abdominal muscles.

6. Buy a small silicone beach volleyball. Comes at Decathlon for around 300 bucks. While at work and you’re sitting on your chair, squeeze the ball between your inner thighs and hold for as long as you can. Relax. Repeat. Great Kegel (read more about Kegels here)exercise and works your inner thighs too.

You won’t even realize it but by incorporating these moves, you might be able to squeeze in more than 30-45 minutes of working out each day! Something is better than nothing, right? If anyone has more ideas on this theme, please do share here. It might be useful to some people!

Eva Jyrwa is a super fit 52 year old woman. She’s a mother, working professional and triathlete. She also likes to read, write, has an eclectic taste in music, is fascinated by anything creative, is a foodie and likes to cook too, travels like a vagabond and likes to walk the unbeaten tracks.

You can also join her FB Group Go Girl !!! where we discuss anything under the sun (as long as it’s productive mostly)



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