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Sewa for the soul

For the soul - Anupriya kapur - November 29, 2016

My mother was religious but rest of my family, not one bit. While she prayed for us in the mandir for couple of hours every day, the rest of us never believed in idol worship or any kind of rituals. And probably that’s why the decision of body donation was slightly more acceptable to all of us. We didn’t do any chautha or taervi but decided to hold a prayer meeting instead on the weekend. My Chachaji suggested that we do it at the Gurudwara close to my father’s house. Despite my mother being quite a “hindu”, we went ahead with it. And only when you experience something like this do you really understand the true meaning of “Sewa”. Continue Reading

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TEGOfit Towels – The towels with a difference

Accessories, Fitness, Fitness related, Lifestyle - Anupriya kapur - November 24, 2016

Fitness facilities are prone to becoming breeding grounds for bacteria due to humidity and the sheer volume of people using shared equipment. The risk is high if an ordinary towel is used to wipe your face and hands. TEGOfit towel comes with a proven and advanced embedded anti-microbial technology built in during manufacturing – so it stays fresh for the life of the towel, and ensures you can train hard without having to worry about odour and germs. Continue Reading

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Me and my mom guilt

Parenting, Uncategorized - Anupriya kapur - November 22, 2016

I have been very guilty lately. After 7 long years of not working and only nurturing, I had decided that I will work from home so I can be around my son. I tried my hand at commercial baking and didn’t enjoy it as much.  I switched to handling social media content as a freelancer. The work gives me a lot of flexibility and leaves me with enough room for my blog. Sharing my life experiences is what sustains my soul. At the same time, the blog takes a lot from me. I need to attend events for ideas, do shoots and be on the go. I feel guilty about not baking enough, cooking enough, keeping the house beautiful, keeping my accounts updated, the list is endless. On top of that as much as I try, the ‘you-don’t-spend-enough-time-with-me’ remarks from my son kill me. Did I mention that my father says I don’t spend enough time on correcting my son’s spellings, maths and diet! Continue Reading

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The doc is in, your phone

Lifestyle - Anupriya kapur - November 18, 2016

I, like most Indians tend to self-diagnose. And come to think of it, it’s not because I think I know it all, it’s because I find visiting a doctor for primary care more of a hassle. The traffic, the parking and not to mention how expensive it is to visit any decent doctor.

Recently, I had been suffering from some kind of rash/redness on my left hand for a while. I took it as hives/urticaria which I keep getting whenever the weather changes so I ended up taking cetrizine twice before realising it wasn’t anything close to hives. So, apprehensive as I was, I still went ahead and tried the DocsApp. Continue Reading

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Body Donation: The first lesson I learned from my mother’s death

For the soul - Anupriya kapur - November 10, 2016

My father is a brave man. He fought when the entire system went against him, he’s been gheroed by a mob of angry factory workers in Kolkata, taken care of and nursed my mom single-handedly for years. But by far the bravest thing he did was to convince her to donate her body after death for medical research. It wasn’t easy as she was an extremely religious person but I know she agreed as she had a lot of faith in my father. The reason I’m writing this is not because I want to share how brave we were as a family to go ahead with this decision or to share my grief even though I have tears trickling down my eyes as I type. I want to reach out to as many people as I can through my blog, to tell everyone that the process of donating the body isn’t complicated and you can’t imagine the world of a difference one can make by doing so. In one of the articles I was reading on (link here) Vishy Mahadevan, the  professor of anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons in London said, “They are the ultimate simulation model for living humans. We are so grateful as a profession for the wonderful generosity of individuals who donate their bodies for no other reason than to benefit mankind.” When I read this article, I was also reminded of what one of my mother’s neighbours, who happens to be a doctor/surgeon, said at the time she came to pay her respects. She told us that the ideal scenario for a medical student to learn efficiently is for 5 students to practice on one cadaver. But the situation is so bad that she never got to learn on a cadaver. Instead, she only practiced on a plastic model. However, cold I might sound but the truth is that she was my mother for me. And she is now a body which was the hardest to deal with. But at the end of it, it felt right, so I guess it must be.

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Warm Up By Decathlon

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - November 1, 2016

For me Decathlon, Sohna Road is a hop, skip and a jump away. I go there often to shop, but it has been limited to whatever my son needs. So, I have always known how well stocked they are for practically every outdoor or indoor sport and even for equipment for less popular sports such as combat sports, roller sports, horse riding, nature sports, target sports, water sports etc. However, it is one thing to see all the products and wonder what one does with them and the other to actually listen to the people who has been avidly using them.

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