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The Dark Side

Fitness, Fitness related, For the soul, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - May 30, 2017

One of the biggest revelations during my recovery period from injury last year was that I had become obsessed with running. It was bordering an unhealthy obsession. The very thing that had given me my self worth was now controlling it. I started feeling worthless when I didn’t or couldn’t run. And that wasn’t right as “I’m a runner” didn’t define me wholly. That’s why, when I joined CrossFit to strength train, I already knew where to draw the line. To keep it 3 times a week, an hour each was my goal and I have stuck to it happily. It’s a method I have chosen now to stay fit and running will forever be for the soul.

When I look back and look around, I realise that there is a fine line between passion and an unhealthy obsession. And when I say an unhealthy obsession, it’s nothing to do with the distances one wants to train for. I have met enough and more passionate runners training for 160km and yet take life as it comes. While I have written a lot of fun articles on running and some on how running transforms you as a person (read here), this one might come across as a little harsh.

Here are some signs I really think one must watch out for and it’s not limited to running, biking or CrossFit –

1) Getting irritated if you miss a run or workout because one of the family member is sick. It might seem extreme but I have known someone who was going crazy because she missed her gym for 5 days as her child was sick.

2) When rather than being at peace, you feel life has come to a halt when, for some reason, you are unable to run longer duration.

3) You push yourself to train despite being constantly fatigued or severely injured. “No pain, no gain” isn’t always true. I did that because that’s the only thing I knew and then paid a price for it. Wearing knee pads and continuing to run rather than taking a break to fix that knee, can be really harmful in the long run.

4) When it feels more like a chore. Yes there are some bad runs/workouts and good runs/workouts but most of the time a workout or run should leave you feeling good. That’s a definitive one, if you don’t feel good after a run, give it a break.

5) Trying to squeeze in mileage by compromising on sleep. Sleeping 6-7 hours is really important. Training/workouts need to be balanced and missing one day here and there isn’t going to kill you.

6) When you are tempted to deactivate or actually deactivate social media channels as you feel miserable about missing out.

These are just somethings which came to my mind and I know list is long.  But let’s not forget that

Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind
The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself
– Baz Lurmann – Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)

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Stepping out of my comfort zone

Fashion - Anupriya kapur - May 23, 2017

I love wearing sarees, however, I’m painfully aware that I don’t experiment much. When Ritu Kumar sent me this gorgeous saree out of her new collection (click here to check out the full collection), I was excited like how but equally nervous. It’s so out of my comfort zone, how do I style a floral crop top blouse when I’m used to wearing a regular sleeveless blouse with all my sarees? But then I got quite a few compliments on how beautiful the combination looked and was asked where I picked up this saree from. Continue Reading

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Being receptive

For the soul - Anupriya kapur - May 17, 2017


They say grief is resilient. And it comes at the strangest of moments and you are reminded of it with the strangest of things. A few days back, I woke up to drink water around 2 am and a hair pin kept on the side table reminded me of my mom. As I laid down on the bed, I started crying silently. Leo my 3.5-month-old kitten was sleeping in one corner of my bed and had been giving me a lot of attitude through the day. However, as I lay there crying in the dark, I felt her fur on my arm. She came close to me and felt my hand with her paws. Then she rested a part of her body on it. It felt like a hand of a person who really cares about me, on my head. Very reassuring. After about 15 mins or so she lifted her body but slept close to me through the night. I almost thought I’m imagining things as how can this tiny little being be so sensitive. And everyone had told me cats are selfish. But it happened again and again as last few days have been tough for me. May be we don’t understand their way of expressing love.

Leo is teaching me more ways to love. She’s teaching me to be more receptive to love.

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5 mistakes newbie runners make

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - May 17, 2017

This article has ben written by me and first published on The Hindu on 15th May 2017.

What to avoid, how to pace yourself and when to simply push on

When you first start running it’s quite like falling in love. With yourself. You discover a little more about yourself on each run: “I can’t believe I ran five kilometres without a single break!”, “I never thought I could be so strong!” You might discover that you enjoy running on your own, either just being with yourself or the state of zero that you go into when the rhythm of the run takes over. There are many reasons to get addicted to running. And enough studies have proven that running can be one of the most addictive sports. Continue Reading

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My experience with Rainbow Hospital

Parenting - Anupriya kapur - May 9, 2017

There have been a couple of times that as a blogger I have been given the opportunity to write about hospitals, however, I have not taken it on the basis of no experience. However, when I got the opportunity to write about Rainbow Hospitals, I gladly took up the assignment as I delivered my son at their Banjara Hills, Hyderabad clinic. And honestly, it took me some time to gather my thoughts as it has been over 9 years since I delivered.

I had a very bad experience with the initial two clinics (I don’t remember their names anymore) I visited as I was new to Hyderabad. A part of my pregnancy was spent in Delhi and the gynecologist put me on a high protein diet, the only problem being that it wasn’t from natural sources. Due to extreme nausea, I was having a tough time dealing with protein intake, apart from my regular food. As I wasn’t keeping too well a friend asked me to try Rainbow (at that time relatively new) as it was a specialty mother and child clinic. And I’m so glad that I did. Continue Reading

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Likeability Vs Success

Guest Blog - Anupriya kapur - May 3, 2017

Over the years, many women have asked me how to navigate the conundrum  between likeability and success. This made me dig deeper to try and understand what the true problem is and why does it appear to be acute in case of women Vs men.

As men achieve success in their careers, they seem to become very naturally more likeable and popular but in case of women, it’s a mixed bag and in most cases they become less likable and in many cases are labeled as  a “bit****”. Continue Reading

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