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Making breathing easier

Uncategorized - Anupriya kapur - March 6, 2019

Too many external factors are responsible for our health conditions these days and being healthy consistently is a task that most of us fail to master. With the levels of dust and smoke present in the air we are breathing today, one might consider getting admitted to a hospital and breathing oxygen straight out of an oxygen cylinder! And it is this polluted air that our children breathe, which most often leads to Allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, COPD and various other respiratory problems.

The factors to be blamed for respiratory problems including climate change, vehicular smoke, dust from the road and building construction, not to mention countless smokers surrounding us! We know just how torturous it feels to have a sore throat, leaking nose, bronchitis, and chest pain when we catch a common cold, suffer from sinusitis or bronchitis. And once our kids get affected, the added fuss to the mayhem is to have them take medicines they absolutely hate!

I have always been into fitness and have made sure Kabir too has some healthy habits; however, sometimes maintaining your son’s health is not that easy. I can’t stop him from doing the average stuff kids do! How much can I protect him from exposure to the heat, dust and infamous Delhi pollution! And believe me, I know as a mom what it takes to make your 11-year-old take medicines which aren’t exactly tasty! I know a couple of kids in my neighborhood who were suggested hospitalization every time they needed nebulization.

In simple words, a nebulizer is a drug delivery machine which converts your liquid medicine into aerosol droplets that the patient can easily inhale through a mouthpiece or mask that comes with the nebulizer kit. It is no longer a necessity to have a professional nurse hook you to a large and noisy nebulizing machine. With independent alternatives available for everything we do, easy-to-use nebulizers too are now all over the market.

While I see my friends discussing and debating on the best nebulizer to get for their children, I came to know from a close family friend about Omron’s Nebulizer NE-C101, a portable nebulizer for children. This nebulizer is very easy to use and takes little effort to understand how it works. It is one of the easiest and most portable breathing devices I have come across and is quite handy if you have to carry it with you.

The nebulizer you choose will ensure whether your medicine reaches the upper airways, mid airways or the lower airways depending on the one you need. Nebulizers are great if you are suffering from Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever), Rhinitis (Common Cold), Sinusitis, Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis and Pneumonia and by just breathing you can be relieved. Check the particle size of the nebulizer and don’t fall prey to the myths that say the more mist produced, the more effective treatment happens, which is often the case in using steamers.

A pack of Omron’s Nebulizer NE-C101 consists of a mouthpiece, nosepiece, nebulizer kit as well as an adult mask and a child mask made of PVC. The transparent design and wide medicine chamber make it easy to check how much medicine you are pouring in. All you have to do is let your child breathe for 7 to 10 minutes and the nebulizer will deliver the medicine to the target problem area with no extra effort, which seriously is one the best features of this device. An added advantage is that the nebulizers manufactured by Omron are less noisy, making its use on babies nice and easy without getting the little ones startled by the weird noises the general devices make. You can readily administer the medicines even when your baby is fast asleep.

Cleaning a compressor nebulizer is easy too, though it might sound tricky! Just like Omron’s portable mesh nebulizer NE-U100, the compressor nebulizer NE-C101 is easy to clean by using lukewarm water to disinfect the nebulization kit (mouthpiece/nosepiece/mask /medicine kit & pipe) which is known to be one of the most convenient ways to disinfect tools and attachments of medical devices.

So to all moms out there, all you have to do is make your child sit with his favorite cartoon or Lego set and put on the nebulizer for him and all the medical job of getting the medicine into his system is done, as he simply inhales through the mask. No more running around to force down bitter pills or having to get the little ones to adjust to a noisy steamer. The portability of Omron only adds to the advantages.

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