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Home – My Happiness Quotient

Lifestyle, well being - Anupriya kapur - March 20, 2020

Home is my happy place. It’s my ultimate headquarters for blogging, some meetings, quality time with my 12 year old and of course, creative thinking. It has been my perfect abode of peace, laughter, musings, some cooking and often…well, just nothing! You know you are home when you can lie on the couch, feet up and hair down, and drown yourself smugly in a world created by you!

Therefore to me, my home is so much more than square feet, furniture, walls and shades! My home defines that island of happiness, of tranquility, where I can literally escape from the madness outside! So, needless to say, I do go out of my way to bring in fresh air, sounds of music, healthy vibes and of course the very necessary chaos without which any home is so incomplete. No, my home isn’t the perfect ‘home décor awards’ house, neither would it win me an award in “tidiest piece of habitat”. But yes, challenge me to one of those “happy homes” contest and there’ll you’ll find me in all probability with a medal of honor.

My Ingredients for a Happy and Healthy Home!

So, here’s what makes my house a home that’s healthy and full of joy.


I am a music person. And who isn’t!? Music helps me tide over stress and pain, helps me ride through storms. Music is my first appreciation of myself on those occasions when I make myself proud. If you ever feel you are in need of exchanging notes on jazz or pop, county or blues, gazals or Bollywood, drop me a note.

Music kills my negatives, helps me emerge and evolve, because being healthy comes from the inside, and it begins in the mind. Music is said to have healing powers. It helps restore cognitive, sensory, and motor functions in the brain. Just 15 minutes in a day dedicated to a playlist of my choice calms my nerves. In addition, I find it therapeutic to arrange and clean my music devices and discs regularly.


Did anyone say pets? I have recently turned into a cat and dog-loving lady and can’t put in words how much I love the feeling. Pets complete us. By adding to the fun, the noise, the cuddling, and the mischief. We raise some, we adopt some. At the end of the day, they are my second and my third children! I have always believed that growing up with pets is a great way to teach a child compassion and responsibility. Above all, they have loads of good times playing and bonding!

When it comes to pets, maintaining hygiene may seem a little tricky. Pets, like kids, will never understand that they are not supposed to step into a puddle or touch their food with dirty paws. So, I make sure that I am as strict with my pets as I am with my son. And it’s more than just keeping their litter box clean. Pets need to get dewormed, made tick-free, and be groomed regularly.   

Colorful Walls

I love to get my walls repainted every now and then. I believe that every house reflects the character of the person who lives inside. And, the colors of a room set my mood. While warm colors like yellow and orange are welcoming, blue and green are a burst of energy. Neutral colors like white and grey create a beautiful balance. Black, on the other hand, adds a touch of luxury. Grainy, woody textures make things rustic and familiar. And textures reflect my whimsical sense of art.    

However, it came to my notice only recently that the wall paint can affect the health of my family. It was one of my friends who had pointed out that interior walls can also be a source of infectious bacteria. The harmful bacteria get transferred to us over the course of time. Ever since I have known about this, I have made it a point to shift to Asian Paints Royale Health Shield which reduces indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde and kill 99%# infection causing bacteria. Another thing I love about them is the extensive color palette that they offer. It truly gives a great luxurious finish to the walls. It has Silver Ion Technology in it that is recommended* by Indian Medical Association.


 Its 2020, and every inch of every city is covered in concrete and pollution. It is important for me to build a little piece of greenery amidst that. And, I keep hoarding plants. From flowering plants in my balcony to succulents in a special corner in my drawing-room, plants adorn my home. I even have my own herb garden in the kitchen! And, I love it when I can spend some time with Kabir, teaching him about these plants and how to take care of them.

There’s very little I need to say about plants in the house. They purify the air and help me create a world where my family and I can breathe freely. They bring the temperature down. And, in general, I find the presence of plants really soothing. The greenery soothes my eyes and my heart; I think I have spent countless hours watching rain drip down from the leaves during monsoons. 


What’s your vision of a joyful home? Mine has always been of a simple room with nothing but a bed and a bookshelf, and golden sunlight pouring in from a large window. And, as an adult, when I finally had the opportunity to build a “home”, I made sure that the decor is minimalistic, to ensure there’s enough space for light and air. Fresh air and lots of natural light is the key ingredient for happiness – and great selfies!

Once a month, I go all “Marie Kondo” on my home and enjoy a decluttering spree. I have my own rule: if I have not used a particular item in the last one month, it goes. If it’s a book that I have read and not reread or lent to someone, it goes to a local library. If it’s the pair of clothes that I can’t fit into, it gets donated. That’s how I ensure that I don’t need extra furniture to store unnecessary things. I’ve noticed that the more space there is, the less I have to worry about dust gathering in odd corners, or my home looking dark and dingy. And who doesn’t feel happy and healthy, living in a spacious, well-lit, airy place?

Conclusion –

Needless to say, maintaining a healthy home is so crucial to me. It brings me peace of mind to know we are entering an abode of hygiene and health. Using the right disinfectants (especially because of pets), instilling in Kabir the use of hand wash, making sure that every piece of garment worn is fresh and ironed, are but basic needs. With an active 12 year old and two pets, there’s almost always a chance of something tripping over, getting spilled and coffee on the sofa ☺ So, ensuring a clean home soon after “mess time” is over, is an absolute must! My mantra always has been ‘give them space, but keep things clean”. Above all, it’s about taking care of each other – not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. It is about finding a reason to smile, from the inside.

Home is where the heart is. My home is always my favourite place on earth. Isn’t yours too?

#Royale Health Shield with Silver Ion technology, within 2 hours of exposure kills 99% bacteria on walls.

Refer to ‘Antibacterial Silver’, 1994, School of Chemistry & App Chemistry, the University of Wales by Julia Clement & Penelope Jarrett.

*Fomite Infections (bacteria) can spread through infected walls among other indoor surfaces in homes and offices

For complete disclaimer and more information, please visit

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