Learning to unlearn

For the soul, Parenting - Anupriya kapur - February 22, 2018

Often, I have suspected, understanding life is directly correlated with unlearning a lot of what we have been led to believe. 

The ability of our mind to process life and put it into neat little boxes never ceases to amaze me. Whereas life itself is interconnected at every level. That the mind will trick you is something I ought to know by now. But it still manages to pull one over on me every now and again. 

Over the last few months, I had been receiving a few negative comments about my sponsored posts. Unbeknownst to me, they had apparently had an affect on me and subconsciously I also started looking at sponsored posts as something that was a break in the flow of an Instagram feed which is an honest representation of my life. 

Then came the HDFC campaign, which asked of me to spend time with Kabir everyday for 21 days discovering a new activity. Needless to say, I was happy but I was still looking at it as a campaign. Here I was getting to spend time with my child and share it with the world and I was worried about how it might interrupt my feed. Half way through the campaign I realised how much I actually enjoyed each of those activities and that I had created memories that would stay with me for life.

I had fallen into the trap of my mind yet again!

Once I let go, I realised that in the humdrum of everyday life, homework, house work and my work, we had been existing together and not really spending a lot of time with each other. I got to discover Kabir for the person that he is and our relationship in the manner that it has evolved. His creativity in making Boomerangs. His little eccentricities about peeling vegetables. Our ability to play as a team. His utter and absolute passion and my appreciation of the trampoline park. I never even realised but I never actually worked on making spending time with Kabir a habit!

And to think about it, I might have let go of this campaign because I thought it would feature too much sponsored content. I have always recommended things that I have personally tried and actually enjoyed. Yet, it takes just a few comments for self doubt to set in. I am sure this isn’t the last time my mind has got the better of me but I will keep at it as best as I can.

And here are a few take-aways from actually practicing “It takes 21 days to build a habit challenge” – 

1) I thought I’m spending time with Kabir everyday but it was mostly limited to school homework, projects etc. Now that he’s 10, I had taken his sense of curiosity for granted. I connected with him again at so many levels as he started talking to me about more “cool stuff”.

2) We learned to negotiate reasonably as some activities were as per him and some as per me. One of the activities that I chose was peeling peas. I got nostalgic and remembered how I used to do it for hours, Kabir couldn’t relate to it but had fun anyway and similarly I wasn’t up to jumping in the trampoline park (let me be honest, I was scared to make a fool of myself but I don’t think I have laughed so much in years.

3) It might sound strange that you need to “make it a habit” to spend time with your own child but it works. We take people we love the most for granted and this was a gentle reminder to not to.

4) I realised the importance of playing while staying fit. Children don’t do jump around and do cartwheels in order to be “fit” or “exercise” and it was a big lesson for me. I love CrossFit but subconsciously my idea of it changed. I have started enjoying it even more and take a lot of new movements as play.

5) I was amazed, yet again, at how children let their imagination run freely while we hold ourselves back in the fear of being judged. Instagram has some amazing apps like boomerang and reverse videos and I can’t deny that it was fun to use them in a very creative way.

6) Children forgive easily. Kabir is 10 and it’s still so easy for Kabir to let go of things and move on. No wonder they are so happy. Letting go is the key.


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Practical tips for better time management

Accessories, Clothes, Lifestyle - Anupriya kapur - February 5, 2018

When I moved to India Kabir had started to go to school, I had a full-time house help and little else to do. I took up baking to fill my time. It got busy but never hectic. That’s how the first two years went. That’s when I took up blogging and almost overnight my situation turned on its head. Now, Kabir is entering his tweens and work is peaking more than it ever has. Not that I am not thankful for it but it has caught me completely unprepared. I have been struggling with time management for a very long time and, as is the case with most things, I learnt a valuable insight and lesson in time management out of accident. Continue Reading

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Slow down, you move too fast

For the soul - Anupriya kapur - January 31, 2018

In the last few months, work has suddenly become very hectic. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, rather pointing out an irony. You see, my blogging began from the conversations that I used to have with myself. I translated those into articles and it seemed to have resonated with some people. Now that work and Kabir and growth plans have all spiked in demand at the same point in time, I realised that the conversations with myself had almost dried up. I used to think this was blogger’s/writer’s block and I cannot seem to write anything meaningful. I struggled with this for a while until I discovered that slowing down is one very crucial component that I had been missing. I wasn’t taking time to pause between things and that began affecting me and my work.

However, I had the meaning of slowing down in my head, wrong. It doesn’t and cannot possibly mean to get away from responsibilities and a vacation, it is about taking out some bit of time every single day to soak and reflect. That’s the only way to grow and evolve. I try, even though I keep losing track but find myself coming back to the following –  Continue Reading

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Why Havells Water Purifier?

Reviews, well being - Anupriya kapur - January 13, 2018

Sometimes we take the most important things for granted. I recently went to the Havells water purifier lab and was amazed how I hadn’t paid attention to the one I have at home even though I’m well aware of increasing levels of pollution and impurities. There are multiple water purifiers available in the market. All water purifiers have their own USPs and all claim to give the best water quality. However, what you need to keep in mind is that all water purifiers come with different technical specifications and have certain basic requirements.

Some basics first – Continue Reading

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Failure is a good thing

For the soul, Parenting - Anupriya kapur - January 12, 2018

A couple of years back I had noticed a peculiar behaviour in my son Kabir. Every task that he did was divided in to two groups – “I’m good at it” and “I’m not good at it”. He would be frustrated and resist doing “things” he thought he wasn’t good at. He would decide it even before trying the tasks for the first time. It took me time to realise that it was the fear of failure which was stopping him. And when I look back somewhere it was my fear of failure which had trickled down to him. I would only do the things in front of him that I was good at and not let him see the side of me which wasn’t perfect. When I was baking professionally, I never showed him all the icings and cakes gone wrong. When I couldn’t park right (I still can’t), I tried to cover it by making some excuse. Continue Reading

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Skin Care Routine

Lifestyle, well being - Anupriya kapur - January 9, 2018

I get quite a few mails/messages on what I do to take care of my skin. So, even though I think it’s a bit audacious of me (I say this because I don’t consider myself a skin care expert), I still decided to write about it. I have always had extremely dry skin but I didn’t care much till a couple of years back. I’m also outdoors a lot and have been told to reduce my activities as it will take a toll on my skin and hair but since that’s not an option, I thought that I will make a bit of an effort and create a routine to manage my skin instead. Again, I would urge you to see what works for your skin by trying different things, it took me many years to finally arrive at a routine that didn’t react and worked well with my skin. Continue Reading

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Air Quality Index and why it matters

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - January 4, 2018

I stopped running during winters two years back post the bad bout of cough that I experienced right after running Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Last two or three years, the air quality is only getting worse with no respite whatsoever. I attended a very informative session on air pollution recently and thought of sharing what I think is really important for one to know specially if live in North.

First things first, we often assume that indoor air must be safe and healthy for us if we can’t see or smell anything indicating otherwise. Truth is, there are a lot of hidden factors affecting the quality of our air and indoor air can be way more polluted than outdoors. Continue Reading

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Joy of Sharing this Christmas with #EnfaClaus

For the soul, Parenting - Anupriya kapur - December 29, 2017

I was recently approached by Enfagrow A+ as they wanted me to be a part of their initiative of spreading happiness this Christmas by gifting toys and storybooks to an NGO (in addition, they will also distribute Enfagrow A+ tins, clothes and educational toys). I was hesitant at first as it involved getting Kabir to give away one of his favorite toys. I was pleasantly surprised when I asked Kabir, he picked up his all-time favourite truck and handed it over to me happily. I can’t deny that I felt really proud. Continue Reading

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MOTR x ColorosoWeaves

Clothes, Fashion - Anupriya kapur - December 27, 2017

I’m fortunate that as a blogger I’m pushed out of my comfort zone again and again. I was really excited when Coloroso Weaves approached me for a collaboration for their beautiful lightweight benarasi sarees. However, they wanted certain looks for the sarees and I wasn’t one bit sure if I would be able to carry them off. I love wearing sarees a certain way and hadn’t experimented much with them. My friend Richa, who’s learned the art of make up from the best in the country helped me with the looks. And it all came together beautifully. Hope you like them.

The sarees weigh only around 400 grams and are very easy to drape.

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Health tips for women

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - December 20, 2017

I have understood the importance of healthy living the tough way. I went through post-partum depression and was physically weak for the most part of my life. I used to fall sick very often and used to confuse fatigue with laziness. But once I started taking my health seriously, everything else followed. I thought of listing down some of the things I have been doing religiously now –

Get Your Health Check-ups and Screenings – I can’t reiterate more on this. I had fatal levels of Vitamin D when I was running about 50kms a week and I ended up with a fractured rib. If I had taken annual medical check-ups seriously, this would never have happened. I don’t mean to scare you but it’s very important to spot signs of serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, conditions and deficiencies early, so you have a better chance of successfully curing or effectively treating them.  Continue Reading

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