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Stay Fit & Healthy with these 3 delicious Chia Recipes

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - December 15, 2020

When asked to describe myself in quick words, I am that simple woman, with a rock-solid sense of ethics and an easy go take on life. I am one who strongly believes in maintaining a fit and a healthy lifestyle.

When I emerged from my days as an individual ridden with quite a few ailments, being a fitness blogger was absolutely not on my mind. In fact, my only concern was to battle my postpartum depression and to get my body back in shape. And it was somewhere along this path to fitness, that I discovered that healthy lifestyle wasn’t just a goal, but a way of life.

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Setting the course of healthy lifestyle: Importance of complete protein and nutrition

Fitness, Fitness related, well being - Anupriya kapur - November 19, 2019

If you have been following my blogs, you definitely know by now that I am all for fitness and healthy lifestyle options and that naturally includes clean eating habits. However rude it might sound but unhealthy lifestyle choices and in-nutritious snacking is one of the reasons why the needle never moves for people who complain of stubborn weight.

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3 Amazing Things That Happen To You When You Strength Train

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - May 9, 2018

I was recently told by someone that ‘strength training’ isn’t your thing and you must do something different. This was said to me as I propagate strength and functional training to everyone but probably don’t look the part (no pictures showing my abs et al). And that exactly is what I keep fighting for. Strength training is not only my thing, it should be a thing for every single person irrespective of the gender. We have the notion of it so wrong. Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have abs or you can suddenly start doing superman push ups. It means that you are building a strong muscle mass to carry you through as you get older. For women, even more so as it helps in increasing bone density. But the reason I started writing this article isn’t because I wanted to rant but I wanted to point out three things you will notice as a woman once you are into body weight training. Continue Reading

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Keep your vitamin and mineral levels in check with Vitastiq 2

Fitness, Fitness related, Lifestyle - Anupriya kapur - April 30, 2018

When I gave birth to Kabir, my Vitamin D levels had dropped to 5. For those who don’t know what that means, levels such as that can be fatal. In a situation like this, you have to get a blood test done almost every day to know that you are making progress. I had cracked my ribs and had no idea about that for a long time and just went about my daily life. Thankfully, with enough conversation around the negative effects of less than optimal Vitamin D levels, things are beginning to change a bit. Unfortunately, what we haven’t yet grasped is that there are many other deficiencies in the body that can lead to equally severe situations. For instance, the lack of magnesium can create irregular heart rhythms and fatigue. Excessive potassium can cause high blood pressure. Continue Reading

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Things to ensure for your outdoor workout

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - March 28, 2018

Working out should not be viewed as an ancillary part of your day, but rather a necessity. Spending 4-5 hours in a week on your physical health is as important as eating, sleeping and breathing.  Viewing exercise as a non-negotiable part of your day is really the trick to getting it done. Whether you choose to workout in a gym, do group sessions, combine running and yoga or strength training, the key is to start. But there are some things you need to take care of, especially if you plan to exercise outdoors –

Watch the temperature

Check the weather forecasts and heat alerts or cold waves before your workout so you know what to expect once you head outdoors. Continue Reading

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Strength and Functional training all the way

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - March 10, 2018

For the last year or so I have felt like I have been cheating. Ignoring my first love – running and completely obsessing over my second – CrossFit. People have tried to guilt me into going back into running and I miss it terribly as well. There are two primary reasons that I haven’t been able to take it on again. The first is my chronic knee injury and the second is my unabashed love for strength training. In our country the only thing we ask of our women is to be thin. Diet, walk even run but stay thin. Well, as a long distance or any kind of runner I can assure you that is the easiest and most certain road to enduring injuries. I wish someone had told me this. Continue Reading

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Air Quality Index and why it matters

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - January 4, 2018

I stopped running during winters two years back post the bad bout of cough that I experienced right after running Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Last two or three years, the air quality is only getting worse with no respite whatsoever. I attended a very informative session on air pollution recently and thought of sharing what I think is really important for one to know specially if live in North.

First things first, we often assume that indoor air must be safe and healthy for us if we can’t see or smell anything indicating otherwise. Truth is, there are a lot of hidden factors affecting the quality of our air and indoor air can be way more polluted than outdoors. Continue Reading

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Health tips for women

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - December 20, 2017

I have understood the importance of healthy living the tough way. I went through post-partum depression and was physically weak for the most part of my life. I used to fall sick very often and used to confuse fatigue with laziness. But once I started taking my health seriously, everything else followed. I thought of listing down some of the things I have been doing religiously now –

Get Your Health Check-ups and Screenings – I can’t reiterate more on this. I had fatal levels of Vitamin D when I was running about 50kms a week and I ended up with a fractured rib. If I had taken annual medical check-ups seriously, this would never have happened. I don’t mean to scare you but it’s very important to spot signs of serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, conditions and deficiencies early, so you have a better chance of successfully curing or effectively treating them.  Continue Reading

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Pain Management – A necessity

Fitness, Fitness related, Lifestyle - Anupriya kapur - December 14, 2017

There is nothing more difficult than seeing your parents age. The very shoulders that used to carry you now slouch with the burden of age. But the spirit of your parents is something that stays unassisted through the roughest times of life. No matter how old your folks are they will never let you know how difficult things are or how much pain they are in. No matter what, pain is an inevitable part of aging but pain can be a debilitating condition. I have known my father has suffered from arthritis for may be ten years and there is little I could do. I have insisted for the longest time that he spend some time in the U.S. with my brothers and enroll in a good pain management programme but you know what parents are like.  Continue Reading

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Why Pilates?

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - November 30, 2017

As a blogger, I have been open to trying a lot of new things especially when it comes to any form of fitness activity. Even though I love CrossFit, I have been intrigued by Pilates for some time now. CrossFit involves high intensity workouts and I wanted to balance it with something which will slow me down. Now, by slowing I don’t mean easy but something which will involve more of me. And a couple of Pilates sessions at Red Mat Pilates later, I realise, how much focus and concentration it involves. It basically forces me to be only in the present and, with all the chaos, this is something I crave for.

So, what is Pilates?  It’s a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. In Pilates the chance of injury is much lower than with other more strenuous forms of exercise. Continue Reading

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