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Take a look at the Mino

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - April 12, 2016


Inside my Boston Boost

Of all the sports, running is probably the most ideal for the body in terms of the least injuries. If done properly, it uses your entire body evenly and does not put excessive stress on any one part, like say a bowler’s body goes through with respect to his shoulder and back. Yet, injuries is one of the most passionately discussed topic in running circles.


post the 5km

Last to last year, I went through a phase of injuries (and I keep sharing my learning time & again), that had me crying out in pain while foam rolling, spending a fortune on physiotherapists and had to skip a lot of events. Take for instance, my heel injury, I tried everything, even sat at home for almost 2 months but nothing worked until someone gifted me a pair of new shoes. I had been using Nike Pegasus (and quite liked them) that were less than a year old and seemed in perfect condition. But as I started running in the new shoes, my injury started to fade away. I cursed Nike Pegasus and forgot all about it until someone told me about how worn out shoes can cause the gravest of injuries. I said hold on, there is no way the Pegasus was worn out, not a single tread on it was gone. It was then that it was explained to me that shoes these days look all well and good from the outside for years but the foam inside dies much sooner. This was a part of the discussion I had with the product head of Mino, a tracking chip that can go underneath the insole of your shoe and tell you when your shoes are good, ok or dead through different coloured lights.

Now, I am someone who looks at technology in the way a small child might look at her father’s car – I know I will learn to drive it one day, just not right now. So I straight out told him that it seems a bit farfetched. After all, how can a chip independently tell you if your shoes need to be changed. So he started to explain the technology to me all over again. I am guessing he must have read the blank look on my face well so he gave me a trial chip to test out instead.

This chip was meant to last for an optimal run of 5k. I put it under the insole of my shoe and quite accurately, it showed me a red light (meaning the shoe is dead) at 4.2km. But why didn’t it go red at 5 you might wonder. Because my foot strike and gait isn’t optimal (and trust me, it isn’t for most runners) hence it caved before the 5k mark which is also why my shoes were dead way before I thought they ought to be. The Mino, in essence, tracks your unique weight, gait and the compression you exert on the shoe with each strike to tell you when it is time to change your shoe. You might get 600km out of a brand new shoe whereas, your running buddy might get 450 depending on running style. And it didn’t feel like anything inside my Boston Boost either, not sure about how it would be for a minimalist shoe though.

Seems like a good idea. I think I will take it out for a spin.

Read the review of Boston Boost here.

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Another review that I picked up from Youtube –

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Now that’s what you call flower power

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - February 18, 2016

I was recently invited for the launch of adidas pureBOOSTx shoes and I felt totally lost in the midst of models and fashion/lifestyle bloggers but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, apparently it’s the first for women only running shoe in the world. My first thoughts when I saw the shoes were,

“Too girly”


“So not me, I’m a runner!!!”


With Elena Fernandez at the launch

“I love my Boston Boost and I’m loyal”

Basically, I was wary of running in them. I did a 40 minute Bootcamp in the new shoes and even though they felt comfortable, light, flexible and were wide enough for my toes to breathe, I decided to not form any opinion till I get to run in them.


Post the 53 min 10km at Mumbai uprising

I had shared in my Boston Boost review that I only understand one thing when it comes to running shoes- that I don’t have to think them about while running. I like to run free. And that’s exactly how I felt doing the 10km at adidasuprising just a day later; I was able to soak in the energy of Mumbai and its runners without a bother. I “broke into the shoes” with ease. 

I have done a couple of runs in them now but nothing beyond 10km. For now I want to stick to my Boston Boost for long runs and alternate these for my shorter runs (5-10km) and training. I love how light they are, hug my feet and have excellent arch support. I don’t like my shoes with too much cushioning or minimalistic, probably any lesser or more and I wouldn’t have liked it.


And since this is not a technical review, I’m attaching a couple of links at the end of the article where you can read more.

And who said floral can’t be badass?


Cool for shopping and even clubbing

Verdict –  pureBOOSTx is a serious running shoe in a very good looking avatar. It looks equally cool with dresses as it does with the running gear.

Word of caution – Since the shoes is a snug fit, you might need to consider a size bigger. However, I’m wearing the same size as my other running shoe and it’s fine.


Links –

pureBOOSTx was given to me to review. However, all opinions are my own.



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Better, Faster, Stronger

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - February 10, 2016

‘Fast’ is a relative word when it comes to amateur long distance running or probably everything else in life. I did my first half marathon in 2010 in 2:55! And the next one in 2:28, before I had to take a break for 2 years. But I came back stronger; my timings have only been improving in the last two years, from 2:09 at ADHM in 2013, 2:03 in 2014 to 1:50 in 2015. I have been getting better even though I’m running lesser, way lesser than I used to. I was thinking of certain things that I did differently (accidentally) to improve and it’s only fair that I share it on my blog –

1) I have accepted that with the kind of erratic work schedule, I probably can’t follow a routine. Earlier I would miss out on my workout if I missed out on a certain fixed time I had decided for it. Now I fit in a work out whenever I get time through the day. It could mean doing the planks in the morning post dropping my son to school and doing the calf raises in the afternoon when taking a 10 minute break from work.

2) For the last six months, I have been doing (or try) 3 reps of planks (45 seconds each) 4 days a week.unspecified (10)-01

3) I spend 10 minutes on doing basic weight training for upper body 3 times a week.

4) I have been doing calf strengthening and sitting squats whenever I can (3 times a week). Click here to see the videos. I will be adding more.

5) Once a week I run 5 kms as fast as I can. I never time myself as I don’t want it to stress me out.

6) I concentrated on improving my timing for 10 kms rather than for long runs.

7) I get massage done for my legs once a week. But I don’t do the fancy ones as I find them too expensive. A simple massage by a girl who comes home and does it, works for me.

8) I consume one gel before the start and one during the half marathon.

9) I was lucky to have figured the shoes which suit me the best. Boston Boost  it is for now.

10) During warm days drinking electrals/ORS during the runs instead of any other drink has made a huge difference in recovery. Recently, I  tried Recover (post my runs) by FastandUp which worked wonders as well.

11) Post run stretching by way of basic yoga poses – Warrior pose, Downward Doggie, Dhanurasna, boat pose, reverse boat pose and Viparita Karani.

I hope this helps. Do share what works and what doesn’t work for you.

IMG_20160209_112508 (1)



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Running ke side effects!

Fitness, Fitness related, For the soul, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - September 21, 2015

Every weekend as I lace up my Boston Boost for long runs, I get so much more out of it than just the satisfaction of being able to push my body. We are all equals when pounding the pavement and in our sweatiest best its easy to shed the inhibitions and connect.  I tried to make a list of some of the things I could think of, please feel free to add more.

Friends for life – It’s tough to make good friends as you get older. It’s tougher to break ice and even tougher to show your vulnerabilities. But it gets easier when you are already meeting on a common ground. I have made some very good friends since the time I started running in groups.


Partying with the running buddies is a whole lot of fun. For one, I like looking at how different we can all look!! And it’s like we understand each other. The conversations usually start with “How’s your foot/ankle?” to “What event are you doing next ?” to  “Let’s drink a lot tonight ok, we can’t for the next few months as ADHM/SCMM is coming”.

Soft networking – They say running is the new golf! When I was baking commercially, I got the first set of cake orders from my running buddies. And now a few clients for my content writing bit.1524042_1457624537801707_872612907_o 1014012_1462801253950702_167645169_n

The best breakfast places – I would have never discovered (or just the inertia would have made it impossible) the best tapri chaiwaalas (with mathi of course), Andhra Bhavan, Karnataka Bhavan, Throttle Shrottle, Roots, Sarvana Bhavan, A2B and Sagar, had it not been for running.10646950_10152808204236948_7677933782971634553_n

Constant source of inspiration – I no longer browse through books to get inspired. I see it every time, in each and every runner. The happy selfies do not reveal what they have been through or are going through, it takes courage and perseverance to be there despite all odds and that is enough for me to keep going.

Explore the city – Had it not been for running I doubt I would have ever explored the beautiful trails and parks in Gurgaon and Delhi. Manger trail, Bhati trail, Sanjay van etc are the only few places where I get to soak in nature.1779291_10151862868445388_708465251_n


The details – Life moves at an easy pace and I tend to observe much more while running, like the beautiful lamps hanging in someone’s balcony, an elderly woman enjoying a hearty laugh on the swing or the children playing pithu on the streets.


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