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Little World for Little Ones

Parenting - Anupriya kapur - June 6, 2016

I was sold the moment I heard about a mini city built for kids where they get to have fun by role playing and by getting to do all the things that adults do. There are no video games and no rides. Upon arrival (because it’s built like an airline arrival counter), we bought our tickets and were handed our “boarding passes” and went to the immigration counter to check-in to KidZania. At immigration, each of us were given an electronic tag, which they scanned every time Kabir did an activity and the tag also helps the mom or dad to track their kid(s). Continue Reading

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The Great Gurgaon off-roading experience!

For the soul - Anupriya kapur - August 24, 2015

The future Smart City, Gurgaon has definitely made me smarter during monsoons. You will probably feel all this too in case you spend any time driving on these roads (if there are any left).


1) Now I know the complete lyrics of “DJ waale babu mera gaana chala de”.


 2) It’s put my meditation to test as I have to take a deep breath and count till 10 every time I hear “Apne apna Income Tax file kiya?”.

3) That it’s a waste of time to apply make up and file your nails at home when I can do it on the drive.

4) I have developed a keen sixth sense to figure out which pot holes are more shallow than others.

5) That’s it an excellent idea to build one of the biggest hospitals bang opposite the busiest metro station and put a broken stop light, the 10,000 auto & rickshaw wallas, pedestrians and cars can of course figure shit out on their own.


6) That I have to keep 60 minutes extra for a 15 minute drive.

7) I keep my fuel tank at least half full as you never know when it can take 2 hours to cover a 3 km stretch.

8) That I crossed more levels on candy crush while waiting for the traffic to move. (don’t worry I haven’t sent you any CC requests on FB).

9) I have started getting my car serviced every few months now.
10) That I can actually write my blog article like this one while driving! I’m serious.


Today’s situation!


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