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To Pee or not to Pee?

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - October 12, 2015

While growing up and that too very early in life, I learned to hold the urge to pee. And then later to start drinking less water when I was out. It’s sad that because of a lack of clean public loos, most of us learn to find waysto avoid the most basic of bodily functions.

I was always scared of drinking water before my long training runs as well. At times, scared to even hydrate enough during the runs, knowing well that dehydration and not emptying the bladder can actually lead to UTI. And this continued for me till I decided to give up on my inhibitions. Not hydrating is simply not an option when you are out there.

And even though it’s the most natural of our bodily functions, we don’t talk about it openly. A fellow runner and blogger’s, article prompted me to write this.

Here are some of my pointers on how I get by, hope it would help –

1) I ensure my long training run routes includes 4/5 start hotels or clubs. I simply walk in to use the washroom- no one ever says anything – ever!.At times I have even done loops of 5 km for a 30km run just because I would pass a club with a clean loo.

2) You can’t really expect port-a-loos to be clean if you are the 400th person using it. Just getting used to this idea would help you tolerate the stink. You will feel blessed the next time you come across even a slightly cleaner loo.ppe 2

3) Have your friends/running buddies cover for you if you are running in areas which have enough trees, rocks and less traffic. Trust me it takes time but one gets used to it. One just needs to get rid of their inhibitions.

4) During marathons, I always carry a small pack of wet wipes in my running belt. It has come in handy in the past.

5) Choose to do trail fulls over road. Find a bush – cleaner and natural. I know that’s not a solution but the satisfaction of doing a full still remains. Plus you get tagged as “hard core”.

6) I used to over hydrate in nervousness even for shorter distances. But over time I have realised that hydration should be a part of daily routine rather than just before the run. For a 10km in decent weather, you really don’t need to drink much water.ppe 3

7) I haven’t tried the Pee Buddy, if anyone has and it works, I would appreciate if you can share your experience in the comments.

Do share your experiences and how you tackle this “trickly” aspect of running.


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Running ke side effects!

Fitness, Fitness related, For the soul, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - September 21, 2015

Every weekend as I lace up my Boston Boost for long runs, I get so much more out of it than just the satisfaction of being able to push my body. We are all equals when pounding the pavement and in our sweatiest best its easy to shed the inhibitions and connect.  I tried to make a list of some of the things I could think of, please feel free to add more.

Friends for life – It’s tough to make good friends as you get older. It’s tougher to break ice and even tougher to show your vulnerabilities. But it gets easier when you are already meeting on a common ground. I have made some very good friends since the time I started running in groups.


Partying with the running buddies is a whole lot of fun. For one, I like looking at how different we can all look!! And it’s like we understand each other. The conversations usually start with “How’s your foot/ankle?” to “What event are you doing next ?” to  “Let’s drink a lot tonight ok, we can’t for the next few months as ADHM/SCMM is coming”.

Soft networking – They say running is the new golf! When I was baking commercially, I got the first set of cake orders from my running buddies. And now a few clients for my content writing bit.1524042_1457624537801707_872612907_o 1014012_1462801253950702_167645169_n

The best breakfast places – I would have never discovered (or just the inertia would have made it impossible) the best tapri chaiwaalas (with mathi of course), Andhra Bhavan, Karnataka Bhavan, Throttle Shrottle, Roots, Sarvana Bhavan, A2B and Sagar, had it not been for running.10646950_10152808204236948_7677933782971634553_n

Constant source of inspiration – I no longer browse through books to get inspired. I see it every time, in each and every runner. The happy selfies do not reveal what they have been through or are going through, it takes courage and perseverance to be there despite all odds and that is enough for me to keep going.

Explore the city – Had it not been for running I doubt I would have ever explored the beautiful trails and parks in Gurgaon and Delhi. Manger trail, Bhati trail, Sanjay van etc are the only few places where I get to soak in nature.1779291_10151862868445388_708465251_n


The details – Life moves at an easy pace and I tend to observe much more while running, like the beautiful lamps hanging in someone’s balcony, an elderly woman enjoying a hearty laugh on the swing or the children playing pithu on the streets.


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#ThisGirlCan, So can we!

Fitness, Fitness related - Anupriya kapur - February 19, 2015

Post treadathon

There is no perfect shape or size. Why should there be perfection at all? Who defines perfect in any case?

For the longest time I didn’t want to run because I thought I would look funny with my breasts bobbing up and down. I didn’t want to be stared at. I was intimidated by the idea of people looking at me and judging me specially after I had put on 20 kgs during my pregnancy.

But then I realised it’s about how healthy and fit I feel, looking good is only secondary. I felt weird running my first 500 mtrs but the overall exhilaration I felt was far greater than that. There was no stopping me post the initial hitch.

I chanced upon this beautiful video which shows how REAL women look and feel when they are striving to become healthier (not skinnier) versions of themselves. The campaign, called ‪#‎thisgirlcan, was created by SportEngland, a U.K. government agency whose research found that 75% of women want to be more active, but they don’t because of a “fear of judgment.” I’m sure this statistic would be at least 95% for Indian women, if not more.

I urge all women to take up fitness without caring about what others think of them. It really is about overcoming the initial hitch. It’s time to shed inhibitions, get out there and just do it.

Sweaty is pretty!

Sweaty is pretty!


Deal with it :)

Deal with it 🙂

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