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adidas Supernova X sports bra review

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - October 18, 2016

CONTEST Closed – What would you like to say to your sports bra? Leave in comments and win a voucher from adidas. I would like to say “Don’t let me down :)”. The last date for entry is 26th Oct.

Thank you all for the interesting enteries. The winners of this contest are Shilpa and Shalz. 

I can probably write a book on bra and sports bra woes that women face in India. I’m extremely passionate about it and get equally excited when I find something which fits like a dream. I had reviewed (read here) adidas training Olympic sports bra earlier. I still love that one and use it extensively, however, I had mentioned that I long for an encapsulation bra. Looks like someone heard my plea. This beauty is perfect for high-impact sports to control your every move. It has a scoop neckline with a bit of a plunge meaning it won’t be visible over racer backs (even though I don’t mind showing it off as it comes in lovely bright colors). Encapsulated cups ensure that boobs are not squeezed and look feminine and round. It’s a high support bra so that women won’t have to focus on movement when running or even while doing high intensity exercise.

The material is breathable yet it still has an insulating factor making this a good option when weather starts to get chillier. The design is perfect for women who wear larger cup sizes and need more support. And women who are narrower in the rib cage but bigger on the chest will love it too. Even though I have only done mid distances in it, I have done high intensity CrossFit and I can safely say that it’s the best I have ever used. No chafing, comfortable fit, good range of motion and complements the shape of my boobs. It’s priced at 2,799/-, so it might seem a tad bit expensive but then again it’s an investment and a good fitting sports bra is hard to find, so I would honestly suggest you to give it a try.

PS – Head to adidas stores in CP N block or South Ex if you are in Delhi, Indiranagar if in Bengaluru and Linking Road if in Mumbai.







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