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How I met Jonty Rhodes

For the soul, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - March 14, 2016

Last evening I was invited to a small get together to celebrate the success of The Outdoor Journal (all things outdoor, adventure and active lifestyle since it’s launch in 2012). I was apprehensive as I didn’t know anyone except the founder of the magazine, and that too I had met him only once. Or may be apprehensive is not the right word, I was intimidated. I was expecting to meet snowboarders, mountaineers, extreme skiers and the maximum I have done in the name of adventure is attempt a 50km run on an active volcano (Mt Pinatubo) in Philippines and called it quits at 35km! (And no I don’t consider my Bhati 50km and full marathons adventurous enough).

In any case, I decided to face my fears and go. I’m so glad that I did. 15 minutes into the conversation with new people, someone asked if I wanted to meet Jonty Rhodes and I thought he was pulling a fast one on me. I couldn’t believe my luck. I walked up to him, introduced myself as a blogger and had a 15-20 minute conversation. The gentleman that he is, he naturally steered the conversation towards running the moment he heard momontherun! He is working closely with South African Tourism and mentioned how there is an impressive increase in the number of Indians participating in Comrades (89km), even though personally he would like to see more people participate in the Two Oceans Marathon (56km) – a distance more fathomable and a very scenic route. He was curious about why SCMM is bigger than any other marathon in the country as Mumbai doesn’t seem very conducive to running and why very few women opt for full marathons in India. He also mentioned that he can’t and doesn’t want to go beyond 5km which I was very surprised about given his fitness levels. We discussed about a few more things but what struck me was how humble he is and how easy it was to talk to him. I had felt similar after meeting the ultra marathon running legend Scott Jurek. What makes them so humble about their talent, hard work and achievements? Is it the sport which does this to them? Or is it that you need to be grounded to channel your talent the right way? Oh, and not to mention, he is still as hot as he is charming and he is a surfer too.

I met a few very interesting women too and hoping to write about them at the soonest.


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See Scott Run

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - October 7, 2015

When I was growing up, I didn’t quite understand sport. Don’t get me wrong. I played. From kho kho to badminton, I pretty much tried my hand at everything but never stuck to one. Maybe that’s why, today I don’t make a great spectator. I still don’t understand the compelling allure of watching organised sport. I respect it. But fail to associate with the frenetic passion that goes along with it.


My signed copy of Eat & Run. To “Mom on the Run” 🙂

What I love is watching a sportsman go at it. I often go into youtube black holes of watching athletes training. They could be soccer, tennis, basketball players, athletes or even intense gym workouts. I believe it is in the training and not the match itself that you get to see the athletes’ love for their chosen sport. When there are no spotlights, no pressure, no ticking clock. Just the player and the field. For them, nothing else exists. They are in a meditative trance that the most evolved spiritual gurus will envy.

So in love with the moment and what they are doing in it that you can almost experience how fulfilling it is. And that is a beautiful thing to watch. You want to get close to that mindset. Drawn to it despite your best self. Understand what makes it tick. Recently, I was lucky enough to move on from youtube and interact with an athlete of this caliber. And that too an ultra runner. The most meditative of all sports. I can’t even imagine the blank mind you need to be able to run distances more than 200 kilometers!


with Ultrons


And It was everything and so much more than I expected. Scott Jurek is one of the best ultra runners that there ever has been. I was a bit intimidated, overwhelmed and excited at the same time about seeing him live. But he was unassuming and came down to the level of a beginner and explained basics like what’s a stride, stride rate, correct posture and importance of strengthening. He spoke about the right level of nutrition, hydration, recovery and rest. He was mindful of the audience through out and at no point I felt small. I was surprised at how the energy of just one person can make the entire room upbeat and enthusiastic.

I also had the good fortune to interview Dan Lawson a couple of months back (btw, he finished second in Spartathlon 2015) and I was truly amazed how humble he is. Meeting Scott Jurek was just a reinforcement of my beliefs. The stuff ultra runners (or all great athletes) are made of!


pic courtesy – Outdoor Journal


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