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Running Jargons (Part 1)

Fitness, Fitness related, Marathons - Anupriya kapur - April 19, 2016

Stepping out of your house, your cubicles or perhaps your routine is all it takes to get started and acquainted with the sport of Running. So, it comes as no surprise that the running scene in India gets denser with every passing day. Well, c’mon who are we kidding, the sport is one of the most beautiful as it is meditative. So here I am, rambling and listing to maybe help those virgin runners with some running lingo.

What you’ll read below comes from my own experiences in running, those that I’ve used loud and proud and the ones I’ve heard and nodded to like i knew what it meant.

Now a days we have thousands of people who run a ‘Marathon’, I have run quite a few, and also run a 5km race, 10km race and a Half-Marathon. Point being, a Marathon is 42.24Km race, nothing more or less.

Ultra-Marathons – Done quite a few of these too, distances more than the Marathon. Like La Ultra, Bhatti Lakes Ultra, Bangalore Ultra etc.

Now that this is clear lets move on to the terms.

DNF – The most crushed one could get is when the results read as DID NOT FINISH a race, as I did at the La Ultra back in 2014. It is an experience that every runner dreads, might as well call it a Runner’s Nightmare!

Bandit Runner – Unlike you and I, these buggers will come join you running without being registered in race, without a bib slapped on their clothing. Rebels, I tell you, gets you questioning your loyalty.

Bloody Nipples – I have never experienced these, Amen! Seen, or rather heard a lot of fellow runners enduring this swell and I am happy I have stayed clear of these. Tip would be to use a t-shirt that fits well and make sure the material is run – friendly to avoid getting chaffed nipples. Ouch!

Body Glide – It’s a lubricating product used to prevent chaffed nipples or chaffing in general, again lucky I have not yet needed to use this.

Bonk– Stalling in the middle of the run due to low glycogen levels in the body.

Carb-Loading – A runners favorite pre-race dinner, consumption of food high in carbs the night before a race. Although I feel one should do this during the week leading up to the race. Especially for distances longer than 21km or if someone is running for 2 hrs and more.

Cool down – After a run its best to slow down at a gradual pace instead of an abrupt halt.

CR (Course Record) – The fastest known time on a particular course. Of course you knew this, who doesn’t walk into the race course without the hopes of breaking the course record, well some record at least!

Cross Training – An important aspect of training, where one is indulge’s in activities other than running, to help engage muscles that are not directly strained while running thereby relaxing the running specific muscles.

DNS – Like DNF, but worse, in my opinion. You are right it does expand as Did Not Start, enough said.

Fartlek – It’s a Swedish term, its when one runs a particular distance at various pace, more of a mix of slow and fast running.

Hitting the wall – A sudden bonk, which cause you to come to an abrupt halt and normally one may or may not get back to running.

Stitch – A slight but conniving pinch one feels just below their ribs. It is usually caused due to excessive water consumption, running too fast etc. Slowing down and breathing long and slow will help release the stitch.

Cramping – Mostly cramping occurs due to less water consumption or electrolyte consumption. Calves, abdomen etc cramps withholding one from running well or running completely.

That being the last, the “gyan” I had hoped to impart through this blog post ends here,however, the terms don’t. There are still a lot more of the runner’s jargons out there, pertaining to running community exclusively. I say, add these and those to your vocabulary so that the next time you’re out on a race track, you know who’s gonna make his/her fellow runner’s remember to google “that particular term he/she used” during the conversation.  And part 2 coming out soon 🙂

Kieren is one of the best true ultra runners in India. He has completed CCC, Bangalore Ultra , La Ultra and will be the first Indian to participate in historic Spartathlon. His PB for half marathon is 1:19! In his own words, “Besides wilderness and a healthy meal(s) what keeps me satisfied and about is running. If I’m not running, I’m either planning or enjoying an outdoor adventure sport. And since I’m 23, I’m also figuring my way through with a lot of “should or shouldn’t I(s)” while reading, writing and traveling.”

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